Sonja Kalckar is a Medical-Intuitive and Spiritual-Guide with credentials in holistic health, nutrition, north-american herbology, enzyme-therapy, and neuro-muscular and Vini Yoga therapy. Sonja is also the creator of a modality called Spinal Geometry Systems. This system is based on maintaining the Lordadic or C-Curve of the neck and low back, as well as posture-alignment techniques.

Radio Interview on Project Camelot
Sonja begins at 4:53

Sonja is able to evaluate the root cause of a disease or energy illness through clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities. She then gives recommendations, be it lifestyle, yoga therapy, nutrition, or a spiritual regime of specific meditation exercises.

Through the practice of transmission of divine grace, Sonja assists in clearing and balancing the chakras. During the sessions, Sonja facilitates the presence of the Divine Feminine and takes you on a sacred journey where you will discover your inner sanctuary, a place where you can find your essence, the jewel called soul.

Explore the inner worlds of your Soul's Blueprint. Open the door to unraveling the core issues that are holding you back from wholeness and the integration of Self.

Sonja has a BFA from Emerson College and credentials in Holistic Health, yoga therapy and nuero-muscular education. She has studied with medicine men and spiritual teachers for over 20 years.

The following video is a brief interview in which Sonja discuss the Spinal Wellness system she's developed over the past 20 years, which is the basis behind her Soma Geometry System. Take your muscular-skeletal system to the next level of Wellness, Stability and Balance and you will enjoy activities and movement in your body, free of restriction and pain.